An exhibition of incredible developments, virtual reality, product demonstrations of well-known companies, lectures on topical topics from well-known speakers and an open day for those who are looking for work in a prestigious IT company.
Heart for art
The festival is inside the festival - this is what the creative zone "Heart for art" looks like. 3 sites for the exhibition of modern art, a tunnel of paintings, a labyrinth of color perception and a large number of art installations that participate in the competition with a prize pool. Art performances and experimental shows from top street theaters, actors and artists. The festival of contemporary art will become a separate planet at the festival zone of the Second European Games.
Fan zone
A large video screen will allow guests of the festival to get bright emotions from watching live broadcasts of all types of disciplines of the Second European Games of 2019. The viewing area is equipped with everything necessary for a convenient location of true fans. The fan zone of the festival of the Second European Games will help support the athletes of their country and become part of the Second European Games outside the competition venues.
Belarusian village
The fact that foreign guests are so fond of and something that a real Belarusian will never give up is the "Belarusian Village" zone. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the old and spiritual culture - you definitely will not pass by the knight camp, the lists, souvenirs and Slavic cuisine. Great artisans will hold master classes and acquaint themselves with old-time entertainment, cooks will feed dishes according to Old Slavonic recipes and will give them a chance to taste the beverages of their own production.
Sports and active entertainment zone
An actual zone during the Second European Games is a zone of sport and active entertainment. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and just love to be in motion then you definitely will not stay here for less than an hour! Master classes in dance, free yoga and fitness, competitions in various sports and of course gifts to the most active participants! Here you can easily pull up your form and learn about the new sports trends of the season and just have fun with your friends.
Children's area
Calm for moms at the festival will provide a children's area. What could be better than children who have fun in the presence of animators and a large number of toys? You will find entertainment for children of all ages here: a sandbox, cars and constructors, a children's beauty zone, educational puzzles and much more!
Extreme - zone
Relax - zone
Food court
The tasty gastronomic zone will show the guests a variety of flavors and aromas. Food for vegetarians, for those who can not live without seafood, for fans of meat and cheerful sweet teeth. A large number of new, creative street food dishes and interesting combo combinations at a fixed price! Nobody will leave the hungry from our festival.